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Presentación Impact Business School

La Universidad Europea pone en marcha la IMPACT BUSINESS SCHOOL, una innovadora escuela de negocios que nace con la misión de formar a los jóvenes talentos, caracterizados por su liderazgo, pasión y confianza, para que impacten positivamente en las empresas y en la sociedad.

Wozniak, pionero y cofundador junto con Steve Jobs de Apple, fue parte esencial en el lanzamiento de la industria de los ordenadores personales. Diseñó la primera línea de productos Apple - el Apple I y II.

Desde su innovador trabajo en Apple, Wozniak ha estado involucrado en muchos proyectos empresariales y filantrópicos, dedicándose a hacer la tecnología más funcional y económicamente accesible para todos. 


Stephen Wozniak en tu Biblioteca CRAI



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  Selección de artículos disponibles (para consultar el texto completo es necesario identificarse como miembro de la Universidad Europea)


Steve Wozniak to help judge 'most disruptive CIO' 

Connolly, Byron (Periodical) CIO (13284045). 8/13/2015, p1-1. 1p. 

The article reports on the role of Steve Wozniak, co-founder of electronics company Apple, and businessman Richard Branson as judges for the Most Disruptive Chief Information Officer (CIO)/ Chief Technology Officer (CTO) category for the Talent Unleashed Awards in September 11, 2015. It discusses the contribution of Talent International recruitment firm for organization of the event. Also mentioned the benefits of the awards for business enterprises. 

Q&A with Steve Wozniak, Apple Co-Founder 

(Periodical) Wearables. Feb2015, Vol. 19 Issue 2, p36-36. 1p. 

An interview with Steve Wozniak, co-founder of the information technology (IT) and consumer electronics company Apple Inc. and the keynote speaker for The Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) Show in Orlando, Florida on January 4-6, 2015, is presented. Wozniak believes that personalization and ease of use will drive further innovations in wearable technology and voice recognition, but also expresses his doubts that Google Glass-type products will be adopted by a majority of consumers. 

Blue Box, Secrets of the Little 

(Periodical) Esquire. Oct2015, Vol. 164 Issue 3, p52-52. 1/3p. 1 Black and White Photograph. 

The article presents the views of co-founder of technology firm Apple Steve Wozniak to the journal's editor A.J. Jacobs regarding his discussion with Apple's co-founder Steve Jobs on phone phreaking after reading the article "Blue Box, Secrets of the Life" in the October 1971 issue of "Esquire." 

Self-programming machines next phase of computer science: Wozniak 

Merrett, Rebecca (Periodical) CIO (13284045). 5/29/2015, p1-1. 1p. 

The article reports on the views of Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of consumer electronics firm Apple Inc., on the importance of artificial intelligence (AI) in the future of computing, which he presented at the World Business Forum held in Sydney, New South Wales in May 2015. Wozniak reportedly believes that self-programming machines is the next stage of computer science. Other topics include the negative impact of AI on humanity and cost-effective product development. 


Lisy, Brandon (Periodical) Business Week. 12/8/2014, Issue 4406, p102-102. 1p. 1 Color Photograph. 

An interview with Steve Wozniak, cofounder of Apple with Steve Jobs, is presented in which he talked about the summer when he build the Apple I computer, admits that the story about the garage was largely a myth as no designing or manufacturing took place there, and how Steve Jobs had wanted to be a person who moves the world forward. 

Innovation, Defined 

Wozniak, Steve (Periodical) Popular Mechanics. Dec2014/Jan2014, p2-2. 1p. 

The author explains the essence of technology as a major complement to human abilities. Topics cited include the connection of the construction of Egyptian pyramids towards innovation, the role of transistor in the development of modern devices such as computers, smartphones, and tablets and the role of internet in enabling change and innovation.  

2014: Six Who Make a Difference 

Fehrenbach, Pete (Periodical) Industry Week/IW. Nov2014, Vol. 263 Issue 10, p13-18. 5p. 6 Color Photographs. 

The article profiles the individuals who made it to the Manufacturing Hall of Fame of the periodical "IndustryWeek" for 2014. It cites Carlos Cardoso, Carl Decker, Carlos Ghosn of Renault, Andrew Liveris of Dow Chemicals, Nick Pinchuk, and Steve Wozniak as the inductees for the 2014 Hall of Fame. It discusses the achievements of the said people in the manufacturing industry. 

Woz Got Your Email. Trust Us 

Poeter, Damon (Periodical) PC Magazine. Jul2012, p1-1. 1p. 

The article lists the electronic devices that could be seen in the travel backpack of Steve Wozniak, American co-founder of Apple Computer Inc., the former name of Apple Inc., which include iPad with case and keyboard, a Droid Razr smartphone, and an iPod Nano. 

Antiques of the future 

Sangani, K. (Academic Journal) Engineering & Technology (17509637). Feb2011, Vol. 6 Issue 1, p36-37. 2p. 2 Color Photographs. 

They always said it: computers are the antiques of the future. The sale of Steve Wozniak's Apple 1 means the future really is here, and computing finally has a past. [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR] 

I was where Woz was: location-aware computing 

David, Mark (Periodical) Electronic Design. 10/28/2004, Vol. 52 Issue 24, p16-16. 1p. 1 Color Photograph. 

The article presents information on the founder of Apple Computer Inc. Steve Wozniak. Woz loves the hands on challenges of engineering. His joy in problem solving is coupled with an inspiration to provide something that the masses can use without having to mold themselves to the technology. The challenge in creating the Apple I, he said, was to take the technology that existed at the time and use a subset of that technology to create a useful computer that would be affordable for the everyday buyer. Wozniak still loves engineering challenges. His startup Wheels of Zeus (wOz) is focused on developing a wireless platform for location aware computing. He is marrying GPS and wireless technologies to create wOzNet, a wireless network that will serve as a backbone for location, status, control, and communications solutions. This could fill the gap between low-range RFID solutions and expensive long-range cellular and paging networks. The proliferation of the cell phone also creates a whole new universe of tracking applications, as the phone can serve both as a GPS tag and, when equipped with a Web browser, as a tracking window.